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Amicus Brief to California Supreme Court in Same Sex Marriage Case
Description: The brief I filed with the California Supreme Court to argue that banning same sex marriage violates the separation of church and state because confining marriage to only heterosexuals is, ultimately, a religious concept.
Amicus Brief to Supreme Court in Contraceptive Mandate Case
Description: Formal argument to the Supreme Court that religious employers should not be permitted to deny their employees access to insurance coverage for contraception.
Amicus Brief to Supreme Court in Pledge Case
Description: The brief I filed with the U.S. Supreme Court to argue that "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional
Amicus to Supreme Court on Texas Ten Commandments Case
Description: The Brief I filed with the U.S. Supreme Court to argue that the State of Texas must take down its 6 foot Ten Commandments Monument situated in the middle of the State Capitol grounds in Austin
Atheists Must Not Self-Censor
Description: In the December 2013/January 2014 issue of Free Inquiry, I present a case for why nonbelievers must be more vigorous in bringing our arguments to the attention of the general public.
Restrictive Speech Codes on State Run College and University Campuses: Left Wing Inspired Censorship Threatens First Amendment Rights
Description: In the Summer 1991 issue of the Beverly Hills Bar Association Journal, I argue that restrictive speech codes on state run college and university campuses violate the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment.
Stop Jailing Women for 'Their Own Good'
Description: In this op ed piece, published in the Los Angeles Times in August of 1993, I argue that adult consensual prostitution should no longer be a punishable crime.
The Day The Future Died: What If President Kennedy Had Lived?
Description: On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, I speculate how he might have diluted or at least delayed the political divisiveness the United States has come to experience.
The First Amendment Provides Full Protection to Innocence of Muslims
Description: In the December 2012/January 2013 issue of Free Inquiry, I point out how the First Amendment clauses dealing with free speech and religion unquestionably provide protection for the controversial Internet-posted film, Innocence of Muslims.
The True Meaning of "Separation of Church and State."
Description: The history and attitudes of the Framers of the original Constitution and of the Bill of Rights reveal an intent to require government neutrality in matters of religion.
We Grieve for His Silenced Voice: We Rejoice in His Memory, Honoring Christopher Hitchens
Description: In this article, in the April/May 2012 issue of Free Inquiry, I eulogize the incredibly brilliant and eloquent atheist, Christopher Hitchens.

Articles on Other Sites

Confessions of a Former Mystic
Description: Ecstasy is much more likely than not a chemical action in the body and brain...
Does The Claim of Jesus' Resurrection Prevail Under the Federal Rules of Evidence?
Description: the claim that Jesus was supernaturally resurrected after he died, as described in the Gospels, would prevail.
Electing Atheists to Political Office
Description: Atheists are the only holders of a viewpoint on matters of religion who cannot point to anyone, serving in either Congress or in any state legislature, and claim such an individual as one of our own.
Is the American Flag a Secular Symbol or a Sacred Icon
Description: Throughout history, the most egregious forms of censorship have always been directed at the suppression of religious dissent.
Letter from Americans United for Separation of Church and State Concerning the New York Senate’s Religious Ridicule Bill
Description: In early 1999, an actual blasphemy law was introduced into the New York State Senate.
Open Letter to George W. Bush on His 2000 Election: Church State Future Is in Your Hands
Description: Ever since your victory was secured, you have insisted that you will be the president of all of us, whether or not we share your views on a host of issues.
Outcry Against Boy Scout Exclusion of Gays Should Also Apply to the Exclusion of Atheists
Description: In fact, the California Supreme Court's ruling that the Boy Scouts could so exclude gays was issued simultaneously with a companion case allowing the Boy Scouts to identically exclude atheists and agnostics...
Review of On the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Description: Too much of the debate focuses on whether the apostle Paul meant that resurrection occurred in the body one dies with, or whether he meant that a new body--an immortal trade-in version of the old--would be supplied at the time of resurrection.
To Bash or Not to Bash: The Debate Secular Humanists Do Not Need
Description: Some of us are bogging down in a debate over whether the promotion of secular humanism should involve "bashing" religion, or whether we should only focus on presenting humanism in a positive light.
What Is Secular Humanism?
Description: Secular humanists typically describe themselves as atheist (without a belief in a god and very skeptical of the possibility) or agnostic (without a belief in a god and uncertain as to the possibility).